Branding & Packaging


The elegance is number one

The name Numbeer is a pun. The first numbered beer is white for light beer, while the second one is black for dark beer. A strong character is brought to the whole packaging with the combination of black & white, emphasizing elegance and maturity.

Easy & safe to transport

The packaging of the beers has the same numbered design as their label. Four bottle of beers are wrapped in one package that consists of an outer and an inner part. It is designed in a way that it allows us to slide out the inner box just like a drawer.

The final box with beers is easy & safe to transport, while looking suitably elegant. Its material provides reusability, so it allows you to transport the empty bottles back very simply and take new beers straight for the occasion you need. What a great day it is to enjoy a Numbeer and raise environmental consciousness so simply. All you have to do is spare a moment, share the feeling.

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